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International Organizations – South Centre

An international intergovernmental organization is an entity formed by the governments of various foreign countries to coordinate government policy and/or action on targeted issues. South Centre is one type of an international organization.Formation/MembersThe predecessor organization to the South Centre was the South Commission, which was created in 1987. The South Commission was formed by individuals serving in their personal, not representative, capacities. The original duration of the Commission was set at three years. The Commission issued a report in 1990 detailing the unique challenges faced by nations in the South.

In 1995, the South Centre was created to address those challenges. Today, it has almost 50 member nations.

Purpose and Activities

The purpose of the South Centre is to promote solidarity and cooperation among Southern nations. There is a special interest in the needs of developing countries in the South. In addition, the organization works to promote a better understanding and relationship between southern and northern countries.

The South Centre prepares papers and reports on topics of interest to southern nations, including foreign investment, science and technology, and United Nations reform.


The South Centre is run by a Council of Representatives, which sets the work program for the organization and which elects a Board. The Council meets at least once every three years. The Board is comprised of nine members who meet annually. The Board members are elected for three-year terms and they are in charge of assisting the Centre’s Chairperson in carrying out the work of the organization, as directed by the Council.

The South Centre does not have a formal “secretariat” as its administrative arm, as do most international organizations, but the Centre does have a core staff that handles the day-to-day issues of the organization.

The South Centre is funded by voluntary contributions from southern nations.

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