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Our law firm is distinguishable from other immigration law firms in that you will always have direct contact and assistance from both Cynthia Nunez and Ron Walker in the handling and representation of your case.

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    Always had a much clearer vision of my case and my options after meeting with my lawyers. They really care and you feel it.

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The attorneys at Walker & Associates represent people on all matters relating to Naturalization and Citizenship.

Lawful permanent residents applying for U.S. citizenship: 

  • consult with any lawful permanent resident on whether or not they are eligible for U.S. citizenship
  • represent a lawful permanent resident who desires to become a U.S. citizen through all stages of the process either before the immigration agency or the court
  • assist persons who may have been previously denied citizenship to try again
  • assist lawful permanent residents who work abroad for a multinational company how to best preserve their status with an eye toward eventual naturalization
  • represent persons who were denied naturalization to obtain a review of that decision or to appeal it to the immigration agency appellate body or to federal court
  • represent lawful permanent residents with criminal backgrounds who seek naturalization

Special categories of persons who may be eligible for naturalization even though they are not lawful permanent residents: 

  • veterans, active military personnell, and certain deferred action recipients who serve during a time of war and are not lawful permanent residents, but wish to become U.S. citizens
  • individuals who are not lawful permanent residents but wish to serve the aremed forces and have special skills or language abilities
  • foreign-born people who have a unique or extraordinary ability that the U.S. government recognizes and needs to protect or further U.S. interests

People who acquired or derived citizenship from their U.S.-citizen parent or grandparents: 

  • consult with and advise people who may already be U.S. citizens and not even know it
  • evaluate if someone has been erroneously placed in removal proceedings even though they are U.S. citizens and represent them in terminating the removal proceedings
  • assist U.S.-citizen parents with a child born abroad in determining and obtaining citizenship status for that child