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Our law firm is distinguishable from other immigration law firms in that you will always have direct contact and assistance from both Cynthia Nunez and Ron Walker in the handling and representation of your case.

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The attorneys at Walker & Associates represent people on all matters relating to removal, deportation, and inadmissibility.

Legal Representation throughout the removal proceedings may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • visit the person in jail or detention
  • request a bond from the immigration agency or judge so the person may be released from detention pending a decision in their removal case
  • evaluate and advise on the availability of any relief which might enable the person to avoid removal and remain lawfully in the U.S.
  • prepare all legal filings and prepare all witnesses for all court hearings
  • appeal an adverse decision to the immigration appellate agency and/or the appropriate federal court

Consultation with individuals and with criminal defense attorneys to avoide subsequent immigration consequences, including removal/deportation/inadmissibility: 

  • visit the person if he or she is detained in jail or prison
  • evaluate the state or federal criminal charge along with the pertinent immigration laws to determine if there are likely immigration consequences to a plea/conviction and how to minimize those consequences,
  • discuss legal immigration research with the criminal defense attorney verbally or in writing,
  • appear at criminal proceedings for immigration consulations, upon request

Admissibility issues at a border or airport:

  • advise people on proper methods to lawfully enter the U.S., especially if they were previously denied admission
  • advise lawful permanent residents who have remained outside the U.S. for an extended period of time – and wish to return – of any and all immigration consequences
  • advise people in the U.S. (with or without documentation) who wish to leave the U.S. and safely return, of their immigration risks and protections
  • advise people who were denied entry to the U.S., despite obtaining a visa to enter
  • facilitate the return of people who received an expedited order of removal at a point of entry
  • represent people who had property or money confiscated at the border and wish to retrieve it

Supervision and enforcement:

  • represent people who must report to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and meet other requirements under an Order of Supervision,
  • represent persons under an Order of Removal who are not yet removed due to certain complications,
  • advise and represent persons ordered removed who may be eligible for deferral from deportation