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Our law firm is distinguishable from other immigration law firms in that you will always have direct contact and assistance from both Cynthia Nunez and Ron Walker in the handling and representation of your case.

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    Always had a much clearer vision of my case and my options after meeting with my lawyers. They really care and you feel it.

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    Great lawyer.

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U.S. Immigration Attorneys Who Provide Experienced, Compassionate, and Efficient Immigration Legal Representation

Well-qualified attorneys with many years of outstanding immigration legal experience

Walker & Associates of Michigan, P.C. in Detroit, Michigan represents individuals and businesses nationally and internationally in all areas of Immigration Law.  We provide representation in all family immigration matters (such as petitions for parents, children, spouse, brothers, sisters), “green card” acquisition (such as adjustment of status, special immigrant juvenile status, Child Status Protection Act), and U.S. citizenship.  We also provide representation in all employment-based immigration matters, including all categories of non-immigrant visas (such as H visas, L visas, O and P visas), all categories of immigrant visas (such as EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 visas), and compliance with federal hiring, employee retention, and anti-discrimination immigration laws.  We have a great deal of experience in representing individuals who are placed in removal/deportation proceedings before an immigration judge , and who may seek cancellation of removal, asylum, withholding of removal, temporary protected status, or other forms of relief.  We represent persons who seek immigration benefits through investment opportunities in the U.S. (such as E-1, E-2, and EB-5 visas).  We also represent individuals or businesses who receive an adverse decision from the government and wish to appeal the decision to the reviewing government agency or to the federal appellate courts.  Our Attorneys frequently travel all over the country, including New York, California, Ohio, Chicago, Florida, and throughout the U.S, to represent a broad-based clientele.

The attorneys of this boutique law firm, Ronald E. Walker (also a Clinical Psychologist) and Cynthia M. Nunez (a former Assistant Attorney General), have over 56 years of combined legal experience in helping clients achieve their goals.  Whether you want to work temporarily or live permanently in the United States, if you are an employer who wants to sponsor someone from abroad to work for you here, desire an immigration benefit through an investment in the U.S., or need legal advice regarding international law issues, the attorneys at Walker & Associates of Michigan, P.C. have the skills and ability to guide you successfully.

When you retain this firm, you get not only experienced, competent, and efficient immigration legal representation, but the collateral guidance, insight and problem solving from Ron Walker’s other skill sets: that of a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Professor.  This cross-disciplinary insight is invaluable and marries well with many areas of immigration law (such as representing professors or other highly-skilled professionals, persons or families who are in need of hardship or medical waivers to gain entry into, or avoid removal from, the U.S.) and international law.  For decades, Mr. Walker has mentored hundreds of immigration attorneys throughout the U.S.

Prior to joining Walker & Associates, Cindy Nunez was an Assistant Attorney General in Michigan, prosecuting discrimination actions against employers, educators, housing providers, and places of public accommodation, as well as matters of child abuse and neglect.  Ms. Nunez has developed legal arguments on issues of first impression and litigated these issues at all levels: from advising state agencies on policies that may impact civil rights laws, to representing individuals in administrative law hearings, and appealing adverse decisions to all appellate levels of state and federal courts.  This insight is valuable and marries well with areas of immigration law (such as defending employers against governmental action that is over-reaching, arbitrary, or capricious, representing employers who are charged with I-9 violations or immigration-employment discrimination).

With this expertise and a genuine sense of compassion for all people, the attorneys at Walker & Associates of Michigan, P.C. are capable and motivated to serve your immigration and international law needs.  Call today to schedule an appointment and find out how they can assist you.

Avid attorneys serving your immigration and international legal needs

Attorneys Walker and Nunez have an active interest in the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of all individuals.  They perceive immigration and international law as a perfect source for their professional and personal satisfaction.  They approach your case with:

  • Compassion — Attorneys Walker and Nunez strive to approach each client with empathy.  They work with you personally to understand your individual legal situation and develop the best course of action.  They are dedicated to executing strategies effectively to ensure you reach your goals.
  • Passion — The attorneys at Walker & Associates of Michigan, P.C. have found their professional and personal calling in their practice.  They work diligently and with genuine passion to secure positive results in their clients’ best interests.
  • Knowledge — In addition to avid interest in your case, they have a firm knowledge base of over 56 years of combined legal experience and professional qualifications.  Applying both to your case, they effectively serve your legal needs.

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Call Walker & Associates of Michigan, P.C. in Detroit, Michigan at 313-964-2240 today to schedule an appointment, or contact the firm online. If you would like to reach Ronald E. Walker via email directly click here.